What is this?

It's the dreaded crufty personal site, updated far too infrequently (at this writing, it's the first time in six years). There is a lot of unreferenced, really old personal page stuff sitting somewhere below this link. I could kill it off but it would still be out there somewhere. Why bother?

One thing I really need to do one day is find the font I used for the graphic above. I bet it's Apple Garamond, a font I really, really love and used sporadically over the years. Somehow, in one of my system do overs, I lost it and haven't yet sat down to go through a few hundred developer CD's to find it again (I'm pretty sure it was a mistake that it wound up on a CD in the first place).


Newer stuff...

My personal weblog Ztuff. Shocking as it might seem, it gets updated relatively often.


Say what?

After much debate many years back we decided to pronounce it 'dee-ahs'. Sure, we made it up, but so did a million other silly domains. If I'd have been really forward looking back then I would have done something else entirely. That's life.

Here's the way we say it...


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